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As lovers of Horses in general we have created a website that will give you a good impression of what our "hobby" is all about.

Like many of us the "virus " called Horses has infected us many years ago and has become a big part of our lives.

Therefor we created this website showing you what became more than just a "hobby" to the world.

Enjoy reading the website and don't hesitate to contact us.

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Proud to consult in transfer of Fetse 349 Sport to South Africa

On Saturday November 5th I off loaded Fetse 349 Sport together with the new owners Michelle & Wayne van Niekerk at the airport of Johannesburg/ OR Tambo South Africa.

Fetse 349 Sport has an excellent Offspring Record and is the best improving KFPS Studbook Stallion, his offspring was rewarded with many Model Mares, Crown Mares and lots of Starmares. He also has 4 Approved Sons.

We are sure fetse 349 Sport will be a great addition to all breedingprograms in South Africa and we therefor wish Michelle & Wayne all the best in the years to come with their own approved Stallion. Congrats!! 

 Sample Image

 Fetse 349 Sport and new owner Wayne van Niekerk at the Airport in Johannesburg



Daniëlle and Sake 449 in the Lead at Pre-Selections KFPS Post-Kogeko Championships

at their second competition(2 tests) at the Keuring of Hilvarenbeek Daniëlle and Sake 449 competed at Z1 Level.

The tests went very well and they scored with a lead of 20point from the runner-up.

Scores of 69,4% and 65,9% speak for themself.

With only 4 tests they are selected for the National Championships that will be riden at September at Kootwijk.

New additional to our Stables

This July Daniëlle was spoiled to death with her new addition "Urbanus van Soeskeshof" , this beautiful stallion is well known and well respected by his famous Dame-line "Boszorg" , 4 times Model Preferent in a row, probably one of the best Dame-lines the KFPS has. Urbanus was selected for the KFPS Stallion test for approval but just missed his approval.

Daniëlle and Urbanus will be challenging the dressage competitions for the next couple of years hoping that they can shine and show the crow he is a gifted Stallion.

 Sample Image

 Urbanus , Doaitsen 420 Sport x Fetse 349 Sport

Show Daniëlle and Sake 449 at Keuring Hilvarenbeek 1st of August 2011

please find an impression of the Show

 Sample Image  Sample Image

 Sample Image Sample Image

 Photographer Cally Matherly from the USA obviously cannot believe all quality Friesians at Hilvarenbeek ;-)

Sake 449 and Daniëlle Champion Dutch Open Police Championships 2011

Last Sunday Daniëlle and Sake 449 became Dutch Champion Dressage Z/ZZ Class with KFPS approved Studbook Stallion Sake 449.

With a monsterscore of 232 points ( 68%+ ) !!!

The competitiors that were all riding warmbloods were impressed by the movements of Sake 449, maybe in the near future the Police Force will be riding Friesians as well. 

 Sample Image                 Sample Image

                                 Sample Image

Last Saturdaynight Daniëlle and her Stars at the Stallionshow at Toonen !!

Have a look at the Top Class Stallions at www.karinshobbyfotografie.nl  or Link   www.karinshobbyfotografie.nl/images/.hengstenkeuring%202011%20hegstenshows/Hengstenshow%20fam.%20Toonen%202011/slides/1.html 

Danielle under saddle at Sake 449 Sport

Danielle under saddle at Harmen 424 Sport

Tsjalke 397 long lines 

Sake 449 Sport

Today Sake 449 and Daniëlle were unbeatable at Z1 Level, result 2 overall wins and the last  2 Points for Sake 449 to be rewarded the Prestigious SPORTS - predicate. 

Just 3 competitions and 5 overall Wins it took to gather enough points for the Sport-predicate, well done Sake 449 and Daniëlle

Sake 449 's Z1 Debût with Double Victory

Last weekend Daniëlle and Sake 449 had the first start at Z1 Level ! With 2 Victory's  and 2 winning points.

Also with Wessel DeSceppere she had 2 Victory's at Z2/4th Level scoring 62 - 64%. 

The DreamTeam going for the County Indoor Championships Z2/4th Level

Wessel ( sire Jazz ) and Daniëlle got through the Regional Selections and will be competing for the Indoor County Championships 2011 at Z2/ 4th Level !!   It's amazing what they have achieved in the just 20 month that they are a team !! Congrats !!

Wednesday 1st of December

Bjorn v/h Galgendaal got selected for the 2nd round of the KFPS stallion Selection early January.

He earned the Star Predicate with this and it's in total the 7th Star Offspring for his Dame !

See you in January. 

Sample Image

Today we showed our young Stallions for the last time before they have to show themselves at the 1st Showing of the KFPS Stallion Keuring December 1st.

Sample Image

Sample Image

Aaron ( Tietse 428 Sport x Folkert 353 Sport )

 Sample Image

 Sample Image

 Bjorn ( Beart 411 Sport x Leffert 306 Preferent )

Opening World Equest.Games Kentucky USA by the "Friesian Train "


Sake 449 and Daniëlle selected for Dutch National Dressage Championships ( All Breeds )

On Friday the 13th (!) Daniëlle had to compete with Sake 449 at the Finals of the KNHS County Championships Gelderland/Flevoland at M1 Level. In the morning they had to ride the first test in a poule of 26 combinations where they won this test and got selected for the Grand Final in the afternoon. There the best 20 combinations of the County had to start from scratch again. Sake 449 showed a very nice test and had to end within the first 10 Combinations to get selected for the  Dutch National Championships, he was rewarded 65% and ended 8th ! On September 4th he will be the ONLY Friesian for the County Gelderland/Flevoland to aim for the highest possible, Grand Dutch National Dressage Championship.

The result of the KNHS All Breed Championship is 12th Place ! We are proud of all achievements of Daniëlle and Sake 449 since there are only a team for 14 Month!

 Sample Image

 Joke Toonen , Sake 449 and Daniëlle at Beesd 13 Aug 2010

Wessel and Daniëlle doing some training  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfpG2PnWGTk 

Wessels' full sister Extreme good Score at  Keuring KWPN

Last week Wessels' full sister Cassey ( sire Jazz ) was rewarded 80 points on Confirmation and 85 points on Gaits !

The 1.69m Tall Mare was the leading horse to be selected to the National Mare Keuring.

Wessels' uncle Rapaz ( s. Métall ) is the well known FEI level horse and full brother of Wessels' Dame Sissy.

 Sample Image

Rapaz ( sire Métall )

Sake 449 winning Pre-Selections for the National Friesian Championships

Last Saturday Sake 449 won again both tests with high scores of 66% and 69% , these 2 victory's secured them for the selection of the national Championships at Kootwijk later this year.   

Wessel and Sake 449 selected for KNHS County Dressage Championships

Last Saturday Daniëlle had to ride her last of 3 selection tests with Wessel and Sake 449. Again she performed well with both superstars and received the final selection for the Championships at the Estate Heerlijckheid Mariënwaerdt at Beesd where the Champioships will be held at the 13th and 14th of August. Fortunately this is only 10km from where we are. 

Daniëlle and Wessel leading at Pre-Selection Championships 

On the 5th Daniëlle had the 2nd pre-selection of the Regional Championships KNHS All Breed with Wessel and Sake 449. After 2 tests scoring 66%+ with Wessel ( Z1 level ) and with Sake 449 scoring 65%+ at the M1 selections. With Wessel she is leading at Z1 level and Sake 449 is at 3rd place at M1 Level. In 2 weeks the 3rd and last selection will be riden and then we know who is Champion and how will go the the Major KNHS All Breed County Championships.  

Succesful weekend with Klaes and Wessel 

at the all breed tests at Almkerk and Heerjansdam Daniëlle was very succesfull again with her 2 Black Beauties.

With Wessel she won 4 tests at Z1 level and with Klaes 2 tests at Z2.

Sample Image

Again full score for Daniëlle with Klaes, Wessel and Sake 449 

Saturday Daniëlle took 3 horses to the AllBreed Tests at Gorinchem. It was the first Outdoor test of the season for her. Always exciting knowing you take 2 Stallions with you and on the same grounds are a lot of pretty mares Tongue out

3rd and 4th Level had to compete in handicap again so Wessel and Klaes had to fight for first place. The first test Wessel won and the second test Klaes was the winner, nice spread and both boys happy.

For approved KFPS Stallion Sake 449 it was his first outdoor test ever, this only 5 years young Stud had to start at M1 level for the first time. Between 18 AllBreed combinations competing at M1 level he had no mercy and won both tests. What a progress has he made knowning Daniëlle only started to train him in July of last year!! 

Daniëlle wins All at All Breed Competition at Houten (Utrecht)

Yesterday Daniëlle took her 2 4th Level Cracks ( Klaes DeSceppere and Wessel DeSceppere ) to the All Breed tests at Hippique Centre Scharroo.

All 3rd and 4th Level competitors (21 ) had to battle for 1 and the same price ( riden in handicap ). With Wessel/Z1 level ( sire Jazz )  she won both tests scoring over 65% and Klaes/ZZ level was runner up at both tests scoring 63.5%.

Daniëlle and Sake 449 Champion Friesian Indoor Competition 2009/2010

Sunday the 28th of March it was the Grand Final of the Friesian Indoor Competition. The best 8 results out of 10 of each combination made out who would be come the Winner. Scoring an average on all tests of 67.76 % Sake 449 and Daniëlle won the overall competition. Klaes won his 2 tests on Z2/4th level scoring 62 and 64% finishing 4th at the overall competition.

( see website KFPS )

Daniëlle wins All Breed Competition Dressage

Saturday 20th of March Daniëlle had to compete with 3 horses.

Sake 449 at L2 level, Wessel ( sire Jazz ) Z1/3rd level , Klaes Z2/4th Level.

With Wessel she became 2 times First place scoring 63% and 64%, with Klaes she won the first round with 68%

and became 2nd at the 2nd round with 66%. with Sake 449 she became 2nd in the first round scoring 65% and first in the 2nd round scoring 68%. Overall a great succes winning 4 out of 6 and twice runner up !

Show given by Daniëlle and Klaes at Europe's largest Western Experience  

Last weekend they gave a dressage clinic on FEI level for approx 10.000 spectators !

They all loved Klaes his movements and of course his rockstar looks Cool

On the music by Era and Safri-Duo they knew how to play with the crowd.

 Sample Image

Sake 449 debût L2 dessage with stunning Victory 

At the Friesian competition at Heeze/Geldrop Sake 449 and Daniëlle had their debût at L2 level.

With a fantastic score of 66% and 68% they out classed the competition!

Daniëlle also started with Klaes at the Z2 and won both rounds. 

Klaes and Daniëlle earned their first FEI/Subtop point

At December the 29th Klaes and Daniëlle competed at their first FEI/Subtop competition at Balkbrug.

They became 2nd with 60,29% good for their first winning point!

Proud we are that Klaes has progressed so well that he got promoted within 11 Month from Z1 level to SubTop level and this at the age of 6 ! We are looking forward to compete again at Assen in January 2010. 

Sake 449 and Daniëlle winner Pavo Stallion competition L Level

At the annual KFPS Stallion Show Sake 449 and Daniëlle won the Pavo Stallion competition L Level.

At the overall competition they ended ex aequo at First Place ! Well done for their first performance.

Sample Image

Klaes officially promoted to National Level/ FEI category

Today Klaes received his last winning point required to get promoted to National Level !

This is a great achievement while Klaes is only 6 Years Young !!  

Sake 449 New Person Record at 3rd Pavo Stallion Competition Hengelo 

At the Equest. Event Hippisch Hengelo Sake 449 and Daniëlle performed again better than ever scoring 73.18% ! Of all Friesian Stallions this was the highest score. The Final will be at the Hengsten Keuring on the 8th of January.

Danielle with Sake 449 and Klaes DeSceppere unbeatable at Oirschot's Friesian Competition

Today ( sunday the 29th of Nov ) Danielle had to compete at the Indoor competition at 't Vierpsan Oirschot.

With Sake 449 she won both courses at L1 level earning 4 winning points !! 198 ( 66% ) and 200 ( 67% ).

Klaes had to preform at Z2 Level ( 4th level ) where they also won both courses and earned 3 winning points

with scores of 214 ( 63% ) and 222 ( 65% ). Klaes just needs 1 winning point in his next competiton to get promoted to National Level, and this is a great achievement knowing he is only 6 years old!

Klaes DeSceppere wins Z2 Level indoor competition Zuid Nederland Geldrop

Last Sunday Daniëlle and Klaes had to compete at the First Round of the Friesian Indoor competition Zuid Nederland.

With an 9 for their extended walk (!) they won both courses scoring 228 / 67% and 204/ 60% , they received 3 winning points for this.

Also with Sake 449 Daniëlle competed at L1 Level. They became 2nd at the first course with 203 points/ 67.7% and 3rd of the 2nd course with 193 points/ 64.3%. Also Sake 449 received 3 winning points.

Sake 449 "the Revelation of the KFPS Stallion Competition"

Daniëlle and Sake 449 had to compete at the KFPS Stallion Competition where only approved Friesian Stallions are competing.

With the preformance at the Equest.Centre at Ermelo they impressed the whole audience with a stunning show.

The Inspection was delighted the way they presented themselves and gave this combination the best score that night

of 67.73%!!

 Sample Image

here a small impression of what "the dream team "is capable of at the ere round   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldwLTRHtOxw , hope you will enjoy this !

Sake 449 first official dressage competition a great succes

Daniiëlle and Sake 449 started their first dressage competition and won !! They started at the first All Breed Indoor competition at L1

Level and earned in both rounds winning points

Wessel's first M1 competition a great success

 Today Daniëlle and Wessel won their first M1 competition and earned 4 winning point ( 192/64% and 212/71% ) 


Friday August 14th Daniëlle had to compete against the best 48 combinations of her County for the

Championship. It was a day with great joy as Daniëlle won the Championship with a wonderful score of 71%.

We are so proud of Daniëlle and Wessel knowing we only have Wessel for 3 month!!

Sample Image

Daniëlle has started to train the young Approved KFPS Stallion Sake 449

Daniëlle is very excited that she was asked to train Sake 449 owned by Family Toonen Maren-Kessel.

We hope that they will be a succesfull team in near the future.

Photo's by Sake 449 you can find on website www.hhtoonen.nl  

Wessel wins Overall KNHS Pre-Selection County Champioships L2

Saturday the 27th of June Daniëlle and Wessel qualified for the County Championships Gelderland & Flevoland.

Of their Region they ended as No.1 and are official Champion of this "Kring" . August the 14th the County Championship will be ridden.

Klaes wins first KFPS Pre-Selection Championship at Z2 level

Last Saturday Daniëlle and Klaes won their first Pre-Selection competition for the KFPS Friesian Championships at Panningen with a monsterscore of 222 point ( 65,5% ). 

Here he is WESSEL ( sire Jazz Kwpn )

Height 1.71m, 100% Jet Black Gelding ! 

Sample Image


 PYLOTTIE W sold to Young Rider Femke Beljon !!




Daniëlle only needed 4 Series ( 2 competitions ) in the Z1 Level to have enough points with Klaes so he will be rewarded the

prestigious SPORT predicate ( Z1 Level and 5 promotion points!! )

 Sample Image

Article KFPS Magazine Phryso page 8 and 121 reporting Klaes his Sportpredicate

Ramon de Schepper

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